Slide Tired of Family Battles? Are you tearing your hair out trying to manage your child’s behaviour and emotions? Maybe you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong or starting to think you’re a rubbish parent. You might even be worrying your child is crazy in some way. If any of this sounds familiar then you’re in exactly the right place. Take the Happy Family Test Take The Test Starting right now you can create the family life of your dreams Live the Happy Family Life You Dream Of.

Mo’s Unique PACT Family Coaching Model (Parents And Children Together)

When Mo utilises the PACT Coaching Model with your family, and you truly embrace it, you’ll move from crisis into harmony.


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Who is Mo Perkins?

Mo Perkins MEd, MA, BACP, UKCP Accred, is a Family Coach and Psychotherapist passionate about helping parents build fabulous relationships with their children. She’s spent many years working with adults and children to overcome emotional challenges and she’s known for her relaxed, creative and friendly style.

Mo has offered her expert opinion on radio, in the press and is a regular contributor to her professional journal. She’s also the author of The Fabulous Parent Programme: The Practitioner’s Guide to Building Fabulous Parent and Child Relationships.

Mo likes dancing, shopping, socialising, holidays and personal development. She lives in Codsall in Staffordshire and spends a lot of time with her two amazing grown up daughters.

Who is Mo Perkins

Mo now offers online therapy via Secure Online Chat with Therapy Guides & Tools

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7 Reasons why online therapy might be perfect for you

  • It’s convenient – Have sessions from the comfort of your own home or any place that suits you; No matter where you are in the world. All you need is access to your phone or laptop.
  • It’s cost effective – Online sessions are offered at a very competitive rate taking into account reduced overheads. This saves you money compared to face to face sessions and saves you travelling costs.
  • It’s available right now – No waiting list. You can get started right away when you work with me online. Start by working through the tools at a time that suits you and get daily feedback from me
  • It’s anonymous – If you want it to be! Many people find working online removes inhibitions. It can be easier to get right to the core of the issue without feeling the stigma that sometimes goes with asking for face to face help.
  • It’s family friendly – No need to arrange childcare while you’re at a session. If you need a joint session with your partner and they’re working away it’s no problem. We can connect in a group chat.
  • It’s accessible – Getting to a counsellor or coach can be a struggle if you have a disability or if you’re deaf or hard of hearing. Online sessions with an expert are perfect in this situation.
  • It’s secure and confidential – The secure online platform means only you and I can access your information. Our discussion can be reviewed at any time to remind yourself of actions we’ve agreed and my comments and suggestions.

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Who Mo Works With

Mo Perkins

I work with parents to overcome challenges with their children.

I will work with you and your child to help you get crystal clear about how you can turn things around and restore the loving connection you once had.

When we work together, you’ll understand where things are going wrong and exactly what you need to do to put things right. The whole family will feel supported and motivated to make the changes that will end the battles and get the family life you dream of.

Starting right now you can create the family life of your dreams.

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