How to get the family life of your dreams

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How to get the family life of your dreams

So tell me, when you imagine your family life one year from now what does it look like? Close your eyes and imagine it now. Did the image in your mind seem more like a pleasant dream or an awful nightmare? Only you know what the family life of your dreams would look like because it’s totally personal to you. Now here’s the thing, if you’re crystal clear what your vision of a happy family life is and exactly what it will look and feel like when you achieve it, you’re far more likely to be living that life one year from now.

You don’t need to be Einstein to use your imagination we can all do that. However, I’m not suggesting you stop at just thinking about your future. I want you to write it down too. This will become your VISION STATEMENT. Research shows that if you write down a goal or intention, it is far more likely to happen than if you just think it. I can go one step further and tell you that if you then share what you’ve written with another person that increases the chances of you achieving your desire even more.

So here are some things to think about

  • What will things be like when you have the happy family you dream of?
  • What will you be doing differently?
  • What will your children be doing differently?
  • How will you feel about yourself and your family?

Write your vision of how you want your Happy Family Life to look in one year’s time. Write it in the present tense like if it’s already happening. Be as specific as you can about what you want from your family life. If you write it as a story it will help you to visualise your dream. You will be able to create a picture in your mind of what it will look like, feel like and what a person looking at your family would see.

When you’ve written your vision statement down, share it with someone you trust or you can share it in the comments below. I’ll definitely read it and send you some words of encouragement back. My work is all about helping parents to create the family life they dream of, so I’ll be cheering you on all the way.

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