The Happy Family Test

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Answer these 10 questions to find out your Happy Family Score. This test is for adults (there is a different test for children). Read each question and give it a score from 0 – 10, 0 meaning that you don’t do this at all or it’s as bad as it could be, and 10 meaning that you do this all the time or it’s as good as it could get.

1) I know how to deal with my child's challenging behaviour.
2) I help my children manage and express their emotions.
3) I spend one to one time with each of my children every week.
4) I adapt my parenting style to suit the needs of each of my children.
5) I verbally acknowledge my child’s feelings before correcting their behaviour.
6) I always behave the way I’d like my kids to behave.
7) I recognise and monitor my own stress levels.
8) I help my children manage the situations they find stressful.
9) I have clear consistent rules and consequences for my children.
10) I take action and reach out for help when my family is in crisis.

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